I spent way too much time in my childhood trying to find Waldo. How is he so hard to spot? He's wearing a bright red-and-white sweater, for crying out loud.

Now, my hours of painstakingly seeking Waldo as a kid may finally pay off - this week, the 8th annual "Shop Local, Find Waldo" event kicked off in Missoula, and it goes on until July 31st. Basically, Waldo is hiding out at 25 different businesses and other locations all throughout Missoula. And you've got to find him!

Fact & Fiction Books organizes this every year, and to participate, you've got to pick up a passport from Fact & Fiction and then collect a stamp from every Waldo location once you've found him. If you get 10, you get a Where's Waldo button! If you get 20-25, you'll be entered in a drawing for prizes that include some Where's Waldo books.

Here's a complete list of all the locations competing in the event:

Fact & Fiction, Hide & Sole, Betty’s Divine and Lake Missoula Tea Company, A Carousel for Missoula; Clyde Coffee; Dana Gallery; Missoula Public Library; Artists’ Shop; Jeannette Rankin Peace Center; Bathing Beauties Beads; The Montana Scene; Runner’s Edge; Missoula Art Museum; Noteworthy Paper and Press; Hazel and Fawn; Soul City Dry Goods/Whippersnappers; Butterfly Herbs; Liquid Planet; Imagination Station; UpCycled; the Trailhead; Mary’s Mountain Cookies; Green Light and MSO Hub.

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