Okay Missoula I need your help! That pesky 'Girl Scout cookie craving' is taking over my life in a big way and I need Thin Mints in my life ASAP.

So here's the problem, I don't know where the heck to buy those little mint chocolate drops of heaven here in Missoula! Back in my day, we were forced to sit in front of grocery stores for hours and guilt trip the crap out of people to get them to buy boxes on boxes of Samoas, Tagalongs and Thin Mints.

To be fair we didn't really have to work that hard because we were little cutie pies and these cookies pretty much sell themselves.

So with that being said, where does a 24 year old radio DJ pick up a couple of boxes of cookies? Front Desk Debbie would also like to put in a request. If you have any information or suggestions please please please hit me up via email at Nicole.Wren@1075zoofm.com! I will love you forever!

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