I just moved to town a few weeks ago, and before I know it, it's going to be Halloween season. You know what that means? G-G-G-G-GHOSTS! Like, zoinks, Scoob.

My old hometown had a ton of places that people thought were haunted or that were just generally creepy (I may have once spent some time exploring an abandoned asylum, and let's just say, NEVER AGAIN).

So I was wondering if there was anyplace like that in Missoula. I found a site called HauntedPlaces.org which has users submitting their favorite haunted hotspots, and a few interesting ones came up.

According to the site, the Oxford Saloon has been haunted by a trio of cowboys that engage the staff in conversation. The Missoula Children's Theatre is haunted by a poltergeist who will throw storyboards if he doesn't like the production. And there are a whole series of haunts at the University of Montana, including a classroom full of ghosts attending a lecture.

Think it's all nonsense? Or have you seen one of these ghosts somewhere else in Missoula? Let us know!

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