Ranker put together this list of the most underrated cities in America. You know, some of those cities that are a little more under the radar, that maybe don't get the press that something like New York City of Los Angeles does, but still have plenty to offer that people might not know about.

So, my first question was, of course, "Where does Missoula fall on this list?" So, here's the answer: Missoula is ranked number 44 on the list, making it the highest-ranking city in Montana! But you know, I think we can do better - this is one of those lists that you can continue to vote on, so I say we boost the numbers and try to crack the top ten.

Right now, the number one underrated city in America is Minneapolis, Minnesota (which I have only experienced from its airport - but it's a nice airport!). Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Charleston, South Carolina follow close behind.

What do you think of Missoula's placement on this list?

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