Look, I get it. It's not even fall yet. Snow might be the last thing on your mind right now. But here's the thing: the nights are starting to get colder, and you're going to have to deal with snow before you know it. In other words (dramatic Ned Stark voice): "Winter is coming."

Also, I just moved to Missoula from New York, and I am not remotely prepared for the winter. I need to know how long I can put off buying a winter coat, and I need to know now.

Out of curiosity, I checked out timeanddate.com to see when Missoula first got snow over the last few years. In 2017, it didn't hit until December. 2016 was a little earlier, coming in November. So it looks like I might be safe for a couple of months.

But who knows? Weather is often pretty unpredictable. I'm looking outside and it's sunny and beautiful right now, but we could get hit with a foot of snow by the time I finish writing this. Ok, that won't happen. Unless it does. BRB, gonna rush to my new favorite local sporting goods store and grab some snow shoes real quick.

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