If you've been seeing nonstop political posts over the last two days, it's probably because Super Tuesday was this week - the day when 14 different states all held their presidential primaries at the same time, in order to determine who will run for each party in the general election later this year.

All the fervor surrounding Super Tuesday actually made me realize - I didn't know when Montana was holding its own primaries! So I looked it up, and now I'll relay that info to anyone else who was in the same boat as me so they can get prepared: Montana's presidential primaries - both Democratic and Republican - take place on Tuesday, June 2nd. That means we're among the last four states to make our decision.

That's if the Republican one even happens - the RNC pledged its full support to Donald Trump, and while there's technically a couple of other candidates, a lot of states have actually cancelled that one because there isn't much point. The Democratic primary is a more intense race, with four candidates left remaining - Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard.

So hey, now you know! Mark June 2nd on the calendar and go vote!

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