Halloween is right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing: CANDY! And a lot of it. 2.6 billion dollars worth of it, to be exact.

But every state has its own favorite candy. My old home state of New York is big on Sour Patch Kids. My favorite candy, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, is represented in Oregon, Kansas, and Texas. But what about Montana?

It looks like Montana's favorite Halloween candy is... Double Bubble Gum! Roughly 25, 802 pounds of the stuff are sold in Montana every year. The runner-up was Twix with about 15,000 pounds, followed by M&Ms with about 12,000.

Are you a Double Bubble fan? Or do you think this is a grave injustice that shall not stand? Either way, don't forget to stock up - the demand from the trick or treaters will be high.

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