We're getting into summer barbecue season, and that means you're gonna need to start stocking your cooler with beer. Now I'm generally a craft beer guy, but when I have to go for a wide-market beer, I do have a few go-to choices. AskMen just did a survey to figure out the most popular beer in every state, and I gotta say, I totally approve of Montana's choice.

Montana's favorite beer is Stella Artois - definitely one of the better mainstream beers, though I never liked the way it was packaged where you have to rip paper off of the top - sometimes you don't get it all and you taste paper! Still, it's good stuff, and it's actually the favorite beer of my home state of New York too, so we've found some common ground.

Are you a Stella fan? Or should another beer like Budweiser or PBR take the top spot?

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