I've lived in Montana for a year now and I still haven't been to Yellowstone National Park. Obviously, I need to change that pretty soon - and after I came across this article entitled "The Most Beautiful Things You Can See On A Drive Through Yellowstone" on Thrillist, it really made me want to get over there.

The idea is that Yellowstone is so massive that the only way you can see many of the major sights in one trip is by driving through. So what does Thrillist say are the spots you need to see?

- Castle Geyser

- Grand Prismatic Spring

- Yellowstone Lake

- Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

- Blue Star Spring

- Hayden Valley

- Minerva Terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs

- Lamar Valley

- Fishing Cone

- Old Faithful

- The scenic drive between Madison and West Yellowstone

That's a pretty long list, but definitely a good starting point for anybody looking to head there for the first time. Anything you would add to the list?

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