Today has been a crazy day - Facebook and Instagram have been bugging out. Sometimes you try to log in and it just hits an error page. Sometimes the page loads but you can't post anything. Sometimes a big hand just comes out of the computer and slaps you in the face when you try to comment on a status.

Ok, that last one didn't happen (though, maybe it should for some people), but the point is this: Facebook and Instagram dominate a good chunk of our lives now, and it feels weird when they're not working correctly. So, I want to be prepared next time this happens. Here's five things you can do instead of going on social media the next time it crashes:

1) Read a Book

2) Make a Sandwich. Eat the Sandwich. Repeat until Facebook is back. 

3) Write a blog about how Facebook and Instagram crashed. 

4) Take a nap! Naps are great!

5) I dunno, go outside or something? 

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