What are you Googling on Christmas? Recipes? How to wrap a gift? Best excuses for exiting a house full of relatives? Satellite Internet just posted a map of what every state is Googling more than the others. Here are some highlights.

Alaska and North Carolina don't even know the reason for the season, they are searching "What is Christmas?" Ohio is full of naughty children as parents are Googling "Where to buy coal." West Virginia wants to know if Santa is real and Wyoming Googlers are trying to get their hands on Kardashian Christmas cards (blehk). Alabama is looking for "last minute Christmas gifts," even though they know damn well the answer is 7Eleven. A very frisky Rhode Island is simply Googling "Tinder" and Colorado? They have the right idea, they are searching "liquor stores open near me."

No liquor stores or Kardashian holiday cards for us here in Montana, the Big Sky State is searching "Christmas Recipes." I'd be willing to bet we're looking for anything that goes great with venison.

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