What if you could win millions of dollars by playing your favorite childhood games with your life constantly on the line?

Well, that's what Squid Game, the South Korean horror-invoking survival drama that's been trending everywhere and taking the world by stormis about. It's safe to say not a day goes by without someone tweeting or posting a TikTok referencing a sound, a game, or a cast member (Jung HoYeon) from the drama.

The survival drama hit Netflix catalogues globally on Sept. 17 with nine thrilling episodes full of violence and gore. Squid Game follows the story of Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jungjae) who is a deadbeat but loving father and an avid gambler who is in debt. Trying to make money off horse races, Gi-hun ends up losing and signs an agreement taking away his physical rights. Eventually he meets a disguised recruiter (Gong Yoo) with an offer to join Squid Game for "another chance at life" and an opportunity to win a large amount of cash by playing childhood games.

After getting a taste of how possibly easy it was to win money, Gi-hun joins as the 456th player, and one of the 456 players in the survival game.

The drama not only focuses on Gi-hun but also other characters who aren't just people in debt. They include sinners who've committed murder and have done sinister acts to their loved ones or others.

All 456 contestants are given a chance to win an accumulated amount of $45.6 billion Korean if they manage to survive all six rounds of life-threatening versions of their favorite childhood games. In a span of nine episodes, the show introduces new twists and demented turns, tainting your view on characters, the themes of innocence and more.

According to a report from Forbes, the thriller is currently on track to become the most popular show on Netflix, beating Bridgerton the show that currently holds the No. 1 spot.

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