Since the pandemic lockdown started shortly after St Patricks Day, we have spent a lot of time at home looking for things to do. Thankfully, there is the internet. With the internet, we can accomplish so many things we would have never thought of doing before. For example, thanks to YouTube, I became somewhat proficient in repairing minor mechanical issues on my vehicles. I essentially learned how to properly crank wrenches on my truck.

Other people searched for other things on the internet. According to career website Zippia, each state had their own disproportionate google searches. Searches for everything from hobbies, to recipes and even alcohol.

According to Zippia

Using Google Trends, we determined the most interesting thing each state was googling more than any other state during quarantine. Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because people Google pretty transparently, with no self-conscious thoughts (cough, Cracker Barrel Alcohol, cough, Tennessee).

We searched hundreds of terms ranging from outdoor activities to DIY, copious foods and drinks, self-improvement…and not self-improvement. Interesting is subjective, selected based on what we thought was the most fun.

Some of the best include

  • “How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?”, Oh Louisiana, if you have to ask…
  • While New Jersey residents are trying to prep for virtual interviews, Floridians are just trying to catch some Zzzz’s at work
  • Check on Utah, they’re really worried about the Dr. Pepper shortage
  • Also Missouri had a ton of searches for "Meth Recipes"

So what was Montana's most searched? WEBCAMS!

We are not sure why, but we are assuming it is either to communicate with loved ones during the lockdown. Or to aspire to be YouTube stars and work from home.

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