Now check this out - Thrillist put together this massive list where they ranked the top three beers in every single state in the US. That's 150 beers! That's so many!

So naturally, I was curious which beers they picked for Montana - and hey, one of them is from Missoula! Here are the choices they made:

MAP Oatmeal Stout
American Stout, 6.2%
This Great American Beer Festival gold-medal-winning oatmeal stout is the only dark beer Bozeman-based MAP Brewing brews year-round—and for good reason. It’s roasty and dry, but with the silky mouthfeel and picture-perfect mocha-colored head the style demands. 

Bayern Pilsner
German Pilsner, 5%
Brewed by a German-trained master brewer, this classic German pilsner is delicious in any form, but reaches its full aromatic potential served via “slow-pour” draft at Bayern’s Missoula taproom.   

Lewis & Clark Miner’s Gold
Hefeweizen /  Wheat Beer, 5.8%
Occupying a middle space between a hefeweizen and an American wheat beer, Helena-brewed Miner’s Gold is eminently refreshing but with enough yeast character to keep each sip interesting. There are few better hiking beers.

I've had the beers from Bayern and Lewis & Clark, but don't think I've tried MAP Brewing yet. Definitely gotta add that to the list. Do you know a local beer that you think should have made the top 3?

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