Missoulians are creative when it comes to transportation, and the ones that travel without using a motorize vehicle are often proud of that fact. It's not exactly a shock that people in our area care about the environment. So, it doesn't shock me to learn that there is a weekly gathering of bicycle commuters here in Missoula.

It's called Coffee Outside MSLA or (#coffeeoutsideMSLA) at Brennan's Wave in Caras Park downtown Missoula each Wednesday from 7:15 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. The group brings camp coffee set-ups, water, and mugs to make some delicious coffee donated by Black Coffee Roasting Company.

Even if you don't have a camp coffee set-up, no worries, you're still encouraged to bring a mug and enjoy some meaningful conversation with like minded people. This event is also welcome to tea drinkers as Coffee Outside MSLA doesn't discriminate toward any specific beverage drinkers. If you want more information on the weekly event, click here.

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