We have all been through this before. We get robocalls or emails that say a specific account has been suspended and that we need to enter our account information. I have even been getting texts about some sort of suspended account I have.


I recall years ago, my grandparents were receiving phone calls from a scammer telling them that one of their grandchildren was in jail, and needed to be bailed out. They were asking for their bank information to "post bail". Luckily, my grandparents reached out to us to make sure we were not in fact, in jail.


The latest scam going through Gallatin County is one from the motor vehicle department. Apparently, people have been receiving, in the mail, a letter that states it is from the Vehicle Services Department. The letter states that your registration is about to expire and they need some new information from you. This is just another way for these lowlife scammers to get your personal information.

If you have received this "notice" in the mail, the only thing you can do is ignore it and throw it away. The Gallatin County Motor Vehicle Department does NOT send out these types of letters and won't in the future.

You can reach out to the Gallatin County Motor Vehicle Department if you have any questions about your vehicle registration.


Again, if you receive a phone call, text, email, or piece of mail that doesn't seem legit, it's probably not. Do not give out any of your personal information.

10 Montana Grocery Items That Could Be In Short Supply In 2023.

The last couple of years has been rough for a lot of Montanans as the supply chain was disrupted over the whole pandemic. Of course, we're now a few years removed, and yet certain items are still hard to come by.

Although we've "officially" moved on, there are now other factors that are being blamed for higher prices and lower supply. The war in Ukraine, high fuel costs, lack of manpower, etc. It seems there are several reasons behind it, and none of them look like they're in our favor as consumers.

So what does this all mean?  It means that we're looking at a possible shortage when it comes to groceries. Sadly, most of the items on the list are staples that we tend to use on a regular basis.

15 Stunning Pictures Of The Perfect Montana Tiny Home For Rent

Travel season is just around the corner which means a few different things. Hotel prices skyrocket, availability is limited, and people are searching for the perfect little mountain getaway to be one with nature.

Hotels will most likely be around $200+ per night, and although hotels do offer more amenities including continental breakfast at most, they don't always offer that quiet, relaxing scenario you are hoping for.

"Located about 40 min south of Missoula in Stevensville MT. A newly finished tiny home with high-end finishings. Great location for access to tons of hiking, fly fishing, and other outdoor activities in the beautiful Bitterroot valley. Large shower with dual shower heads, stainless appliances, and plenty of room to cook, two large decks for outdoor lounging and grilling". -Airbnb (Greg)

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