I have always been subject to brand loyalty since I was old enough to remember. I can clearly recall the amount of trash talk my dad would dish out to all of his hunting buddies at elk camp. It was a constant back and forth of which was better, a Chevy truck or a Ford truck. The debate would spill out from elk camp and spread all over the mountain. With my old man going as far as carrying a camera just to take pictures of Ford trucks stuck in snowbanks. He would happily volunteer to help tow the Ford out of the snowbanks, but not before snapping a photo of his Chevy giving a Ford a tug. It got to the point where I was almost afraid to even glance at a Ford dealership without facing endless trash talk from a die-hard "bow tie guy."

I guess the following trending video is for all the "bow tie guys" and even the "Mopar or no car" guys.

Image courtesy of Getty Images
Image courtesy of Getty Images

Let me describe the scenario. It appears a trash-talking Ford owner got what he deserved. The video shows a man and a woman coming across a young bull elk on a highway. The bull doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry getting across the road. The driver rolls down his window and begins to trash-talk the young bull. He says, "You wanna fight?" and  "You wanna go, bud?" No sooner did the driver say that, and the bull turns and looks directly at him, almost like he was thinking "What did you just say to me?"

Watch as the driver of the Ford quickly realizes not to talk trash to a bull elk. (NOTE: How many elk have you seen attack a Chevy owner?)

NSFW: Language

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