Hopefully you got some grocery shopping done before this weekend - here in Missoula (and in pretty much every other major city), it was total chaos. I was hearing from friends and co-workers about having to drive to 7 different stores just to find toilet paper, or how the lines were around the corner just to get into the store, or how the canned food aisles had been laid bare no matter where they went.

And of course, Walmart is one of those stores that has been pretty crazy recently. In a response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Walmart has announced that they're reducing hours nationwide. Beginning this week, Walmart's 24-hour stores will now be open from 6 AM to 11 PM. This will give them time to disinfect the store and do some real cleaning, plus restock the shelves to the best of their ability. Their other stores, which are usually open until around midnight, will be reducing their hours, too.

Missoula's Walmart on North Reserve is a 24-hour store, so it will be affected by this change. Hopefully this results in a little more preparedness on behalf of the store and a little less chaos on behalf of the customers.

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