"Arby's is offering flights to Hawaii for only six dollars." That's one of those sentences you have to read a couple of times in order to comprehend it correctly, because none of those words seem like they belong together. Arby's is a restaurant, not an airline. I can't even get an Uber across town for six dollars, and that's how much this flight costs? There's a lot of skepticism here.

But, amazingly, that is what's happening. Of course, it's not exactly what you're thinking - basically, for six dollars, you'll get to go to Hawaii... for six hours. And then they fly you right back. You're not spending the night, so don't get comfortable. Just chill on a beach for a bit, eat some Arby's sandwiches, and boom, you're right back home. It's a whirlwind trip, but I kinda want to do it just to say I did it, you know?

Tickets for this go on sale tomorrow, April 12th, and it's first come, first served. So act fast if you want to experience Hawaii without actually experiencing Hawaii!

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