Like just about everything else during the year 2020, the Western Montana Fair wasn't able to happen last year. Or at least, it wasn't able to happen on the scale that it usually would - they still did 4H events, but without vendors, rides, and other events that would normally take place during the fair, it was definitely a far cry from what people were used to.

But as 2021 has been rolling around, with more and more people getting the vaccine every day and restrictions starting to loosen, a lot of people have been wondering about the Western Montana Fair for this year. Would they be able to hold it this time around?

Well, everything's up in the air and could change at any moment, but it looks like the Missoula Fairgrounds ARE planning on holding the fair this summer. And the reason we know that is because they're currently seeking volunteers to help put the fair on for 2021.

The volunteers help put on all aspects of the fair, and it couldn't be done without them. Plus, if you become a volunteer, you'll get some cool things in exchange, like meal vouchers, tickets to XTreme Bulls or PRCA Rodeo, tickets to Flat Track Motorcycle Racing, and all-day carnival ride passes.

You can apply to be a volunteer right here - just know that the deadline to do so is July 1st. The actual fair will take place at the Missoula Fairgrounds from August 11th through the 15th.

Think you've got what it takes to be a Western Montana Fair volunteer?

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