As I perused down the card isle today, I held back from puking all over the white glossy floor. Yes, I have a boyfriend. Yes, I'm in love... But geez, have you read what some of these Hallmark writers are putting on cards these days?! Gag worthy. Whether you have a BF or GF, I'm sure someone close to you has a dog. (Isn't that a requirement to live in Missoula anyway?) I decided, rather than give out the typical candy to my friends, why not include our favorite four-legged friends in this over animated holiday!

Here's a simple recipe I have been using for years. Dogs love it and you know what's in it! A little natural peanut butter, milk and whole wheat flour. Viola! You've got yourself a great little gift for the dog lover in your life, any time of the year.

Tiffany Madison
Tiffany Madison

I jazzed up the packaging by drawing a heart shaped paw print. You could make it even fancier by attaching a nice card with a piece of ribbon.

Check out the recipe HERE. Have a doggone good Valentine's Day



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