Law enforcement scanners were ablaze with calls about an incident that took place near Turrah on I-90 around 9:30 a.m Friday.

"I was attempting to locate a vehicle that was just driving really slow. Then while responding, we got a few more calls saying that the vehicle was travelling the wrong way, travelling eastbound on a westbound lane," Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Nicholas Navarro said."After making contact with the vehicle, eventually he took off from the 119 milemarker and a short little small pursuit entailed for a few miles where we eventually got him to stop."

Navarro said stop sticks were used to eventually stop the vehicle from escaping officers.

"Basically he had a loss of a few tires and he pulled over just before the Turrah exit. We were able to call him out of the car with commands, he came out, and he was taken into custody," Navarro said. "There are some things inside the vehicle that may show us that there could be alcohol use, but at this time, that could just be basically speculation because I don't have any evidence that he would be under the influence of that."

There were no injuries reported. The incident is still under investigation.

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