Missoula has a free spirit. This isn't a place where you have to fit into a particular conformist mold to fit in, no one's explicitly told how to behave or how to think. But even Missoula has some "unwritten rules" that aren't restrictive in any unreasonable way. Actually, they're part of what makes this community so great. Here are a few of them:

Be chill

Missoulians are polite, patient and easygoing. No one's perfect but rudeness seems to be pretty rare here, and it's definitely not seen as acceptable behavior.

Local = better

Ok, there was that one summer when everyone was drinking White Claws, but ever since our hometown breweries started making hard seltzers we've been all local all the time, for drinks and in general.

Tolerate Bobcats fans

We understand there are some people who attended Montana State University that currently live in Missoula yet refuse to support The Griz, and we accept that. Just don't insult our dear, sweet Monte and we're cool.

If you're able, you must help anyone whose car is stuck in the snow

I'm so proud of my city for this. Every I've been stuck in the snow or seen someone get stuck in the snow, Missoulians I've never met come out of nowhere to help out.

Pass it

And by "it" I mean the hacky sack of course. Remember, it's rude to kick it more than twice without passing it, and this definitely isn't some metaphor or anything so don't overthink it.

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