41-year-old Virinder Brar is in the Missoula County Jail on $5,000 bond after an altercation that occurred on September 7 at a local motel in which he allegedly threatened to ‘shoot a man and kill him’.

Court documents indicate that Brar illegally occupied a room at a motel on Broadway where he took a shower and used the restroom before being trespassed from the building for the third time in several days

Missoula Police Department Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold has more details.

“Virinder Brar was arrested for charges of burglary after entering a hotel room he gained entry to without permission and without a reservation,” began Arnold. “Guests reported walking into the hotel room they had rented and paid for and found the male Brar in the room. Hotel staff contacted the male and he made verbal threats of shooting the employees. Briar had an object in his hand and the employees let Briar walk away due to the threats.”

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One of the employees told police that he ordered Brar to leave the hotel and Brar allegedly stated ‘leave me alone or I’m going to shoot you’.

Arnold provided more details about Brar and his interactions with the motel staff.

“Officers were able to locate Brar and take Brar into custody without further incident,” she said. “During the preliminary investigation, officers learned Brar had accessed the room and used the hotel shower and towels before leaving. This case is still under investigation with Missoula Police Department Detective Division.”

Arnold said one of the motel employees said she had called police to remove Brar from the premises twice in the past several days.

“The Missoula Police Department had two other contacts with Virinder Brar in the last week,” she said. “Brar had been arrested on felony charges on September 3 and then released. On September 6 Barr was arrested on misdemeanor charges and released several hours later.”

One of the arresting officers recognized Brar from a previous incident where he was trespassed from a convenience store after becoming aggressive with staff. He had also been trespassed from the motel on Broadway.

After being arrested and released twice in just a few days, Brar is now being held on $5,000 bond after being charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor attempted assault with reasonable apprehension.

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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