Being healthy starts with your mindset, so I am spending the next few weeks laying out some lessons you can take with you and work towards.
#2 Empty your mind
Whether your goal is to look like Hugh JACKEDman or simply to get rid of extra fluff that has taken up residence on your body, odds are you are holding on to some beliefs that do nothing more than hold you back.
It could be "knowing" that you have to eat x amount of meals a day, or "knowing" that if you eat certain foods you'll never get the body you want.
Open yourself to different possibilities. There are no absolutes, only options......and options are great because that means cake, and cake is AWESOME!
ACTION STEP: Identify at least one idea/belief that does nothing but hold you back or hinder your progress. Once you've done that, write down ways you can act to counter those ideas. Give it time and do this for several weeks, taking note of any changes, positive or negative, that have occurred.
Happy Tuesday, ya'll!
- Rachel Plumage

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