Last year, The Roxy began a new monthly event that became one of my favorite things at the theater - they called it Trash Talk, where they would show a different "trashy" movie every month. It could be horror, sci-fi, comedy, exploitation, whatever - the kind of '70s, '80s, and '90s masterpieces that you'd watch with your friends and couldn't believe how insane they were willing to be.

Thanks to Trash Talk, I got to watch movies like Re-AnimatorHalloween III: Season of the WitchHard Ticket to Hawaii, and Tammy and the T-Rex with a packed crowd on the big screen, and they were a blast. Hosted by Charley Macorn and Solveig Gassner, there'd be jokes, prizes, and lots of people shouting at the screen.

And then, of course, COVID happened, and The Roxy Theater has been dark since March. Which meant no more Trash Talk, which was a huge bummer. But, it's October now, and it seems like The Roxy couldn't let spooky season go by without diving into some weird stuff at least one more time.

So Trash Talk is making a comeback! On Wednesday, October 21st, Trash Talk will be taking place in the Roxy Garden just outside the theater with a screening of Frank Henenlotter's Brain Damage (I've seen it, and trust me, this is a perfect Trash Talk movie). Now, of course, The Roxy Garden only seats a couple dozen people, so if you want to go, I'd recommend getting your tickets fast.

I hope that one day, Trash Talk can get back to its full glory with a packed theater at The Roxy, but until then, I'm just glad they're able to do it again. This'll likely be the last one before The Roxy Garden's season ends, so definitely take advantage if you're thinking about going.

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