A few days ago, I was running through the schedule at Logjam Presents' website, mourning for all the concerts I was planning on going to this summer that have been either postponed or cancelled entirely. Vampire Weekend? Out. 311? Out. The Decemberists? Out, but at least they're back next year.

And when I was scrolling through, I noticed something surprising - Train's show, scheduled for July 21st, was still somehow on the schedule. As far as I could tell, it was one of the only major summer shows at Kettlehouse that was still there. I figured that wouldn't last much longer though, and it looks like I was right - Logjam just announced that Train's concert has been postponed, and that they're working on finding a new date.

Hopefully they're able to find one. Some of the shows that were originally announced as being postponed ended up being cancelled, while some others pretty much staked a claim on the exact same spot for 2021.

If you're looking for a refund, you can fill out Logjam's Refund Request Form, or you can exchange your ticket for a Logjam gift card worth 125% of its original value with their Ticket Exchange Program. And their Supplemental Income Fund is still open, if you'd like to transfer the money to Logjam's hourly employees that have been impacted financially by COVID-19.

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