Many may believe that America’s involvement in the Middle East is basically over with, but that’s actually far from the truth. The reality is that the U.S. still has numerous troops stationed overseas working around the clock to protect America’s interests. In fact, we here at Townsquare Media Missoula just sent a care package to the troops in Afghanistan containing CDs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sudoku puzzles and protein shakes. We sent this package to the 495th CSSB, which Jessica “J.C.” Baldwin from our sister station 96.3 The Blaze is a member of. We even included a princess coloring book especially for J.C., who was deployed last November with this National Guard unit.

While you’re out living your life today, take a moment to think about the U.S. troops currently living their lives in foreign territory. Think about all the people and places they’ve left behind, all the simple pleasures they’re missing out on, and all the basic household amenities you take for granted that they’re forced to go without.

In fact, why not take a moment to thank them for their sacrifice? You could send letters or care packages to J.C. and the troops through J.C.’s co-worker at The Blaze, KC. Just shoot him an email at, and he will make sure your items of support reach the troops. Go America!

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