Every woman I've ever met is smarter than me, I just need to admit the truth. Even when they are clearly wrong, their instinct to prove otherwise is enough to show me that their intelligence is far beyond anything I can comprehend.

Still, which college produces the smartest women in America? Fellas, prepare to get schooled by these beautiful brainiacs and which universities that they attend.

A website by the name of The Street complied this list based on "dozen of categories and subcategories, including Greek life, academics, athletics and more." So, with that, let's find out which college produces the smartest women.

1) Mount Holyoke College (All women's college)

2) Stanford University

3) Wellesley College (All women's college)

4) University of Chicago

5) College of William & Mary

6) Brigham Young University

7) Rice University

8) Agnes Scott College (All women's college)

9) Smith College (All women's college)

10) University of Virginia

Check out an even more detailed breakdown of this report here. Know any women that attended any of these colleges? What is about these campuses that produces the best of the best? Comment below.

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