According to TSI (Tortured Souls Investigations), Montana has a strong history of hauntings. TSI has investigated many of the locations around the state and presents to you their top 5.

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    The Daly Mansion, Hamilton MT

    Marcus Daly was a successful business man.In 1886 Marcus Daly purchased the existing Anthony Chaffin homestead, including the farmhouse, and had it completely remodeled by 1889. Activity includes: The smell of cigar smoke throughout the property, the smell of Roses in the middle of the winter, sounds of footsteps and doors closing with nobody around and Mrs. Daly is reported to walk down the second floor hallway.

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    Virginia City/ Bannack Montana

    Meade Hotel, Bannack Montana -Activity includes: An apparition of a women has been seen throughout the hotel, babies crying from within the hotel has also been reported and the spirit of a young girl that drowned in the pond nearby also is said to haunt the hotel. Bonanza Inn, Virginia City Montana -Activity Includes: An apparition of a nun has been reported to appear in the building. The Costume Shop, Virginia City Montana -Activity Includes: People have reported an apparition of a little girl sitting on the steps the building.

  • Design Pics
    Design Pics

    The University of Montana Campus, Missoula Montana

    Brantley Hall Activity Includes: This building is reported to be haunted by a female student that committed suicide during the stock market crash in the 1920’s. The smell of floral perfume has been reported along with footsteps and doors closing with nobody around. A phantom German Shepard has also been reported in this building along with the University Theatre. Jeanette Rankin Hall Activity Includes: There is reportedly an entire classroom full of spirits and TSI recorded an EVP in an upstairs classroom. Main Hall Activity Includes: Reports of an apparition in of a man in the downstairs bathrooms, blood curdling screams from an empty rooms have been heard and a security guard reported that an apparition of a man walked out the vault in the basement and disappeared into the wall across the hall. University Theatre Activity Includes: The same spectral dog that has been reported at Brantley Hall has also been seen here, shadows have been seen up in the balcony, the spirit of a construction worker that was killed center stage in a scaffolding accident is said to haunt the theatre, feelings of dread and depression have been reported by people in the back stair case and TSI captured a shadow on video during a 107.5 Zoo FM ghost hunt.

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    Butte, Montana

    The Copper King Mansion Activity Includes: Doors opening and closing by themselves has been reported, doors will lock when nobody has touched them and severe cold spots in one room upstairs even if the rest of the house is warm. The Silver Bow Archives Activity Includes: This building used to be the old Fire Station and the basement has had over 200 reports of ghostly apparitions, a group of apparition fire fighters have been seen playing a poker game in the basement, books have been hurled off the shelves by unseen hands, fire alarms still go off even though there isn’t a power source still connected and a police officer even reported that as he walked into the upstairs reading room it turned into a ball room full of fire fighters and their wives dressed in formal wear. The White Owl Emporium Activity Includes: Items move on their own, phantom footsteps upstairs in the abandoned part of the building, shadows have been reported throughout the building. City Jail Activity Includes: Cold Spots throughout the building, voices and footsteps have been heard when nobody is around and an apparition of a prison that was murdered by the shower has been seen. Rookwood Speakeasy Activity Includes: Footsteps and doors closing have been heard, sounds of men playing poker have been hear as well and a pair of apparitions of men playing cards smoking cigars have been seen sitting at one of the back tables.

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    The Old Montana Territorial Prison, Deer Lodge Montana

    Activity Includes: Sightings of prisoners in the empty cell house, the sounds of footsteps and cell doors closing has also been reported, in the solitary confinement (the hole) a malevolent presence has been reported to scratch, push and choke tour guests, there are a few cells at the end of the west side of the cell house that have many malevolent reports associated with them, apparitions have been seen peering out of the northwest tower window where the 1959 riot came to an end with a murder-suicide, but those windows are all boarded up, shadows and cold spots have been reported in the prison theatre, Mess Hall and tunnel system, the visitor center’s door to Maximum Security has been caught on camera closing by itself by TSI, TSI also captured an EVP in Max Security, which used to be the women’s prison from 1907-1959 until the riot, there has been countless reports of being touched, scratched and pushed in this area of the prison along with overwhelming feelings of sadness and anxiety. Tons of Ectoplasm and light ribbon pictures have been captured by the TSI team.

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