As we look back over 2011 one thing is for sure: We laughed a lot on the The Zoo. Popular sources of entertainment included; the streaker, Bozeman and ourselves. However, those lighthearted moments were woven in through heavier topics as well.

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    Should “The Griz Game Streaker” Be Expelled? [NSFW VIDEO]

    Who could forget "the streaker"? (The student who streaked through Washington-Grizzly Stadium during a home football game in September.) We have the video, for those that feel the need to watch one more time.

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    Oh SNAP! Bozeman Replies To “Sucks” Video..

    As if the Griz/Cat rivalry wasn't already well established, we stirred the pot with our exclusive "Why Bozeman Sucks" video (which also made our Top 10 of 2011 list, keep reading). To our surprise, considering they are Bozeman fans, a quick response was formulated and we posted it.

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    An Open Letter To Cashy Michael Hyde…

    The city rallied around Cashy Michael Hyde during his battle with cancer this year. Our station listeners and website viewers (as well as our DJs) have shown a lot of support for this "Boy of Steel."

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    Why I’m “Retiring” From The Missoula Hip Hop Game [OPINION]

    Aaron "Tallest DJ" Traylor stepped out of the Hip Hop community last month. Though sad about his decision, he sited his reason for making this change as being that the Hip Hop scene itself has changed.

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    Top 5 Halloween Parties in Missoula

    Halloween is a great night to embrace your inner freak, and we helped you do just that. With our Top 5 parties list you couldn't go wrong.

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    Monte Not Allowed To Attend Bozeman Game

    Missoula's favorite mascot was kept home during the Griz/Cat game this year. The decision was made by University of Montana higher-ups as a safety percussion for the furry fella.

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    Wiz Khalifa Missoula Show CANCELED

    We were all stoked for the Wiz Khalifa show that was scheduled for April 24. However, a month prior to the show it was cancelled because of scheduling conflicts.

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    What Jeff Foxworthy Says About Montana

    Funny guy Foxworthy gave us plenty to laugh at ourselves about with his list of tell-tale signs you live in Montana. Thanks for thinking of us Jeff, even if it wasn't all so complimentary.

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    Why Bozeman Sucks..[VIDEO]

    This video captured a "real" life encounter at the University of Montana between a UM student and a Montana State University student. Since we are clearly superior, it is clear why this post was one of your favorites this year.

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    All Your Funny Sound Effects in One Website

    Whether trying to mess with your friends, avoiding work at the office or fantasizing about being a DJ with sweet sound effects ready for your use, these 12 buttons have proven to be quite entertaining.

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