We all think that deodorant is used to keep the bad body odor at bay, but did you know there is more to our little toiletry pal beyond just antiperspirant? Read on...  

1 . Truth is, you are actually supposed to apply deodorant on before bedtime! It actually works much better overnight so that it allows itself time to seep into your sweat ducts. In fact, when you put it on in the morning you instantly begin to sweat it off.

2. The jury is still out on what exactly causes yellowing around the armpits on clothing. Scientists are thinking the aluminum might be a factor, but they still aren't sure on if it's the sweat, the skin, or your deodorant that is causing the issue.

3. Lastly, you might not even NEED antiperspirant. Some lucky people are just born odorless! Some people are lucky enough to have a gene called  ABCC-11.  And if you don't have it, you probably don't need deodorant!



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