Just a heads up - your new neighbors might be named Baggins, and they may or may not leave for months at a time on an epic quest to deliver pieces of jewelry across the country.

Actually, this is pretty cool - there's a new housing development being built in Lolo, taking an empty lot across from Lolo Peak Brewery and Grill and turning it into a 200 until of "Hobbit" homes - essentially, houses that are built right into the side of the hill, like in the Lord of the Rings movies. Apparently, they're actually pretty energy-efficient too, since you're getting most of your insulation from the hillside.

When I moved to Montana a year ago, I didn't expect it to turn into the Shire so quickly, but I'm all about it. Let's turn Butte into Tattooine and Hamilton into Hogsmeade while we're at it.

Would you want to live in one of these new Hobbit homes?

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