As you all know, it gets super cold in Montana for a good portion of the year. Which means we spend a lot of time inside!

One of my favorite things to do when the weather turns cold is to throw a party. And not just any party... a THEMED party!

Check out my favorite party themes BELOW!

1. I SHOULDN'T BE HERE PARTY - So the goal of this theme is to dress like you were supposed to be doing anything OTHER than be at the party. (Ex. Baseball jersey, chef apron, bathing suit, nightie etc.)


2.STEREOTYPE PARTY -  Now you have to have a good sense of humor for this one!


3. WALK OF SHAME PARTY - We've either been here before or at least have seen it happen! Haha Good times!


4. DRESS AS A BAD DREAM PARTY - Even though Halloween is over,  I believe you can dress scary anytime of the year! This is a great "Halfway to Halloween" party idea!


5. WIZARD PARTY - Dude. You know I love me some Harry Potter! And I'm so excited for the "Magical Beasts" movie! Rock out with your wand out! haha #GeekOut


6.CEREAL BOX CHARACTERS PARTY - Do as the title says, dress as your favorite cereal character! (Ex. Tony the Tiger, whoever is on the Wheaties box, Lucky Charms Leprechaun etc.)


7. TURTLENECKS AND TEQUILA PARTY - Come on! What could be better than turtlenecks AND tequila?!


8. BAD FAMILY PORTRAITS PARTY - The more awkward the better! Have a photo booth setup in your house!


9. PUN PARTY - Ohhh how I LOVE a good pun! (Ex. Han Solo Cup, Lord of the Rings, Raining Cats and Dogs etc.)




11. HIPPIES VS. HIPSTERS PARTY - Pick your poison Missoulians!


12. DECADE PARTY - Dress as your favorite decade!

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