The first priority in my eight-week weight loss challenge is to get eating under control. That's where Max Muscle and Lefler Sport Strength stepped in. There is so much out there on the internet about what to eat and how to eat. My biggest obstacle is making sure I have healthy food packed with me at all times. That means getting up a little earlier in the morning and preparing six meals to take with me throughout my busy day.

I’m not a fan of drinking those milk-type flavored protein shakes after a hard workout… But I found something that I literally can’t wait to drink after hitting the gym. It’s called ARM. I actually just want to workout so I can indulge. No joke, it’s really THAT good!

It’s filled with a ton of feel-good vitamins and ingredients your body needs help replenishing after a hard workout. Read more about what's in it here.

It tastes so yummy, it’s like a little treat after a big workout. The one I love is tangerine flavored. I pack some ice and water in a shaker bottle, plop in a couple scoops, shake it up, and viola!

Do you eat before you head to the gym? What about after? I used to wake up in the morning and go straight to the gym on an empty stomach. Click here to find out why that’s not a good idea and why it is so important to eat after your workout.

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