Missoulians refer to him as the city's own "tiny dancer," or "motion man." Some love his antics, others cringe when he crashes the party. His history and origin to this day remain unknown, mostly because he refuses to talk about dancing or his life. Plus, he's very camera shy (we were lucky to even find photos of him). Urban legends spin tales of everything from a rich business man who only found happiness in dance, others say he's delusional from experimental medication during his stay in a nearby hospital. Still, no matter how you attempt to label, nickname or even try to understand Missoula's "Dancing Guy," he will always be one of the most noteworthy and memorable people in our city.

What makes him so unique? For one, he makes Out To Lunch and other area events much more exciting with his sporadic mime juggling, fly fishing and "stirring the pot" dance moves in his super revealing shorts. Some people simply come to enjoy Ron and his female sidekick, Sue shaking their tail feathers to music, and sometimes even without.

Here's what a few Missoulians say about the infamous "Dancing Guy" courtesy of his unofficial Facebook Fan Page

Cady Hightower I saw dancing guy and gal at the mall the other day! It made my entire week!

Jonny Claxton You are my hero.

Cady Hightower I have yet to see him in pants.

Andrew Cheezem moves that bring a spirit of laughter out of my lungs, I love Missoula Dancing Guy!

Rhonda Callison Hilarious! I've actually spoken to this man... I was kind of shocked that he was coherent. *blush*

Erik Berry You are a Zootown landmark Sir! Bless you for your hard work and determination - Missoula wouldn't be the same without you!

Missoula's "Dancing Man" is yet another reason why we love the town we are in and all of its diverse and often quirky characteristics. "Keep Missoula Weird," indeed.

Here is a video attempting to "demystify the legend and rumors of 'The Dancing Couple' of Missoula, Montana." Enjoy.








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