I have admitted on many occasions, I like being smart with my money. I don't buy things because they are on sale, it has to be something that I really need. So, last night my wife and I were talking about some of the bigger purchases we have made together like a new car, and our house in Lolo.

Then I started thinking about the biggest money mistake I have ever made. To me, it's an easy one. When I was 18 years old I was still living with my parents, I had to pay my own car payment, insurance, gas, and cell phone but that was it. Life was easy, and I was making plenty of money since I wasn't paying rent. So, my biggest money regret would have to be the $1400 I spent on wheels for my car at the time. I still think the wheels looked great but they were only around for a few months until I curbed one of the wheels beyond repair, so $1400 down the drain after a few months. UGH!

What has the most money you ever wasted on something?



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