Okay boys and girls, listen up! Most of us only plan on getting engaged/married once (TOTALLY not judging if it happens more than once, s*** happens and people change and you deserve to be happy and live your best life), so ya gotta make the memory special. Also, you're probably gonna have to tell the engagement story at least a million times, so for your own sanity, make it a cool one!

Every cool story needs an even cooler setting. Lucky for us here in Montana, we more or less have a million straight-up STUNNING backdrops to choose from. I'm talkin' Glacier, Yellowstone, Flathead, Seeley and the list goes on... A girl just wants to feel special, so putting in a little thought and effort into your proposal location goes a long way...

But what is the BEST place to pop the question?! According to our friends over at Orbitz, the most popular location to get engaged in Montana is...


Here's what Orbitz said about one of Montana's most romantic resorts:

The Resort at Paws Up in rural Greenough is famed for having given birth to “glamping,” (pampered camping) and isn’t that an ideal way to have your big moment? Check out their safari-style tents.

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