A recent poll shows the average woman hides at least eight beauty related habits from guys.  I have a few problems with this:Those ‘hidden’ beauty habits can only last so long. And, if you do successfully hide them from your man, you are ruining him for the future women he will date. Think about it… Imagine his horror when he realizes every girl doesn't come automatically 'perfect'.

It’s like girls wearing those quadruple padded bras from Victoria’s Secret. Of course you look amazing, rocking that bod out on the dance floor… But what happens when that mini dress is on the another floor and your quadruple padded bra isn’t on anymore? You’re selling a product that doesn’t deliver ;) It’s kind of like ordering the Supersize fries from McDonald’s and when you get home, it’s just the mini fries that come in the Happy Meal.

Without further ado, the ten most-common beauty habits women hide from their guys.

1.  Plucking or shaving hair on toes.

2.  Plucking or shaving hair on the face.

3.  Plucking unwanted body hair.

4.  Waxing or dying the hair on the upper lip.

5.  Removing calluses from feet.

6.  Wearing body-slimming underwear.

7.  Plucking eyebrows.

8.  Waxing or shaving the bikini area.

9.  Plucking nose hair.

10.  Using cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

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