You just said goodbye. He or she has just walked out the door. For good. This part is never easy.

Your first instinct might be to run after them and beg them to stay, but we'd suggest that you take a deep breath and give that fleeting moment a chance to die down. The pain will not last, we promise. Instead, here are some songs that might help you turn the page, reflect a bit deeper, and perhaps find your inner strength to live without that person.

We've spanned the genre's of popular music to compile a list of the most inspiring, perhaps heart-wrenching, and true to life lyrics and melodies that will ease the hurt in a relationship gone sour.

Push play, and consider this to be the next step towards a challenging recovery.



  • Katy Perry - Part of Me

    Why anyone would want to leave Katy Perry, let alone divorce her is far beyond our comprehension. Still, the queen of the pop world has had a few nasty break-ups in life. Enough to inspire her to sing this well-known hit.

  • Rihanna - Take a Bow

    The most unapproachable woman in the music industry also seems to have a tough time finding the right man for her life. A song, once dedicated to here abusive boyfriend Chris Brown is one that has lyrics most anyone can relate to in the midst of a nasty break-up.

  • Keith Urban - You'll Think of Me

    This hit country tune encapsulates the story of a person who has simply not been able to grip the fact that he's in the midst of an awful break-up. Turning to the bottle and repeating in his head that she will always thinks of him, Keith lays down verses perfect for anyone who might be going through the same personal turmoil.

  • Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You

    This song finds it's way onto our list for that one person who is just about over the mourning process, and is ready to pick up the pieces and move on. No longer taking blame and realizing that the person they were with was not the person for them in the first place. "Hate" is a pretty strong word, but heck, in this particular moment in your life, we will let it slide.

  • Pink - So What

    Again, another great song that empowers anyone that just got out of a terrible relationship. In the immortal words of her Pinkness: "So what! I'm still a rock star." Take their money and don't pay their rent. You got a brand new attitude, and you are gonna wear it tonight. At least make sure you got a place to stay, and some clothes to cover over that attitude.

  • Rascal Flatts - These Days

    The lead singer of this popular country band is thinking back to the days when he had his old love in his arms. When his girl left him for some Vegas hot shot rodeo cowboy, his sad voice displays utter pain. He also knows deep in his heart that this girl is never going to return.

  • Seether ft. Amy Lee - My Heart is Broken

    This band is simply having a hard time letting go. Hanging onto a photograph, hoping somehow, someway, this person that left them is listening to what is on their heart, still hoping to steal their pain...away. The lead singer clearly has some obsessions he clearly cannot back away from. Geez, a little clingy. Aren't we?

  • Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River

    Although the whole Justin/Britney thing is sooooo 2003, the lyrics of this song can be applied to practically anyone. Even if you aren't a Mouseketeer or a multi-platinum selling artist, you can still relate to the words in this ultimate break-up song.

  • All American Rejects - Gives You Hell

    This is one of those songs that are perfect for people doing fine without that pesky significant other. Topped with the fact that the one you broke up with is doing much worse now that you are out of the picture. Ever bump into an old flame that has made the all the wrong choices post break-up? This isstory of your/their life.

  • Toby Keith - He Ain't Worth Missing

    One more popular country song enters our list of most popular break-up songs. This classic ballad talks about a man who left his woman for a brand new lover, and while that might sting just a little still, the song encourages any shunned person to power through with thought provoking lyrics that help them endure the worst possible feelings of rejection.

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