Hopefully the rain and winter storm warning predicted for this weekend means the end of one of the worst fire seasons western Montana has seen in a long time! #FingersCrossed But just because the fire season is on it's way out, doesn't mean the hard times are over for the families of injured or killed firefighters!

Luckily there's organizations like the Wildland Firefighter Foundation that's been setup to take care of these families and thank them for their loved one's sacrifice! Here's why wildland fire fighters and their families need foundations like the WFF:

Wildland Firefighters families do not receive any benefits after a fatality for up to 3 months. Their foundation steps in to support those families immediate financial needs. The WFF also offers long term grief recovery for families of fallen and support our injured wildland firefighters who only receive 60% of their base pay after an injury. They also lose their overtime and don’t always have a way to support their families. Unfortunately, dealing with OWCP is not an easy task and the Foundation can sometimes assist if it is a line of duty as long as it is within our mission. The Foundation can often fly family members to the bedside of the injured, who are often states away from where they live. We also work with long term trauma effects on the firefighters and their families who are exposed to horrific incidents when a firefighter is killed or seriously injured while fighting fires in remote areas.

So because we had such a heartbreaking fire season this year, we wanted to team up with our friends from MillerCoors and raise as much money as possible for the WFF! This weekend at our Griz football tailgate, we'll be taking donations and 100% of everything donated WILL go back to the WFF. Plus, our friends at MillerCoors will match all the money raised, dollar for dollar!

Please if you get the chance and you happen to have a few extra dollars burning a hole in your wallet at the tailgate, we'd love for you to share it with a family who could really use it! Just look out for our Missoula Nissan & Hyundai #AdventureVan this weekend because our tailgate will be right in front of it! Thanks in advance for sharing the love!!!

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