The concept of being "bear aware," has been a regular installment to outdoor activities for many of us. We live in a state where a grizzly bear sighting is not rare, but more of a regular occurrence. If you spend anytime in the outdoors, you need to always be prepared for a possible bear attack.

According to the US Forest Service

Being outdoors means being with wildlife. Many people never encounter a bear. But if you do, here's some simple advice:

  • Remain calm.
  • Group together and pick up small children.
  • Continue to face the bear and back away slowly, talking calmly to identify yourself as a human.
  • If the bear continues to approach, try to scare it away by making yourself as large and imposing as possible by stretching your arms overhead and making loud noises.
  • Carry and know how to use bear spray, which is available at many outdoor retailers and can be used to deter a charging bear.

Video has recently surface online, of a Swedish man practicing one of steps to protect yourself from a bear attack. Watch as he makes himself as large as possible and delivers a loud yell.


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