You may believe it's like any other day, but you'd be dead wrong. Sure, I don't have any "reasons" or "evidence" that Friday the 13th is unlucky, but that kind of mumbo jumbo is only made to hide the fact that this day is cursed. If you're living recklessly on a day like today, you're you're dong exactly what they want. I don't know who they are either, but I certainly don't want to fall into their trap.

Montana is a dangerous place to live in many ways, so if we want to make it to Saturday the 14th, we've got to keep our heads on straight— literally, in this case. Here's how to survive Friday the 13th in the Treasure State:

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Don't Fight a Grizzly Bear

I watch a lot of UFC, so I could usually take on a fully grown grizzly bear no sweat. Not on Friday, the 13th, however. I might slip on a banana peel or something, giving the grizzly the advantage in our duel.

Don't Wipe Out

Skiing is fun, but falling isn't. If you do any form of extreme sports, be sure to wear a helmet. And don't try anything too intense unless you really know what you're doing, like this Montanan X-Games gold winner, Quinn Wolferman.

Watch Out for Jason Voorhees

Sure, Camp Crystal Lake is pretty far away, in New Jersey to be exact, but keep in mind Mr. Hockey can come to you wherever you are. To escape the wrath of his machete, I recommend staying sober, avoiding sexual relations and definitely don't be any kind of camp counselor, he hates that.

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