My WCW(eekend) goes out to ME :) (yeah, I said it)~

A couple months ago I made a conscience decision to no longer use the word "accept" when I was talking about my body or encouraging another women to talk about hers.

Why? ...

Because, when we say we accept our body it implies we have flaws and give up on trying to change them or think it is impossible to do so.

This type of thinking is self destructive. It fills us with shame and resentment. We end up hating our bodies and sometimes it breeds jealousy towards others.

Ugh, nothing about using this word is positive.

Instead, I prefer to "embrace" my body, my imperfections, my strengths... ALL of it! Perfectly imperfect if you ask me 😉. Embrace implies an act of unconditional love not judgement. It is empowering not destructive.

You tell me, which sounds healthier?

I accept the extra skin on my belly from carrying a beautiful son.


I embrace the extra skin on my belly from carrying a beautiful son.

Do you hear the difference? We have to be aware of how we talk to ourselves. A good rule is never say things to yourself you wouldn't say to your friend. We must talk to ourselves in a loving way.

This is hard though. It is something I have had to be intentional about. I've had to stop myself several time simply because negative self talk is a habit.

Do you do this too? I think we are all guilty of it. It is a hard habit to break. I encourage you to start by simply changing the word accept to embrace! Try it tell me if it is easy or more difficult than you thought.

I'd love to hear from you!!

- Rachel Plumage NASM CPT
Coach Team TNT
Rachel Plumage
Rachel Plumage


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