The business world of Missoula has been changing a lot over the past few years. Stores have come and gone, longstanding restaurants have shut down, about 15,000 dispensaries have popped up all over town - it's a different scene than it used to be.

And now, a sports design manufacturer that has called Missoula its home since 1981 has officially been sold to new owners.

Sun Mountain Sports Has Been Purchased By A Los Angeles-Based Company

Yes, according to the Missoulian, Sun Mountain Sports, which is popular nationwide for its golf products like outerwear, golf bags, and push carts, has been purchased by a company from Los Angeles called Solace Capital Partners. They bought it from the founder of Sun Mountain Sports, Rick Reimers.

But it sounds like, despite the change in ownership, not much will be changing for Sun Mountain Sports. They're still going to be based in Missoula, and they're still going to be led by the same management team. So if you're a fan of Sun Mountain Sports' products, it doesn't sound you like you have much to worry about!

For now, it sounds like it's still going to be business as usual over at Sun Mountain Sports, which is located down the road from the Kettlehouse Northside taproom (which was an early casualty of the pandemic way back in 2020).

Maybe it's time for me to get back into golf? I used to play with my dad and brother - but we would only ever get out there like once a year, so we were pretty bad at it. Maybe I should just go home and watch Happy Gilmore again instead.

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