I've had vivid nightmares ever since I posted the very eerie and "strange sounds" that has Missoula talking and looking toward the sky. Awful, awful nightmares. My wife woke me from a dream last night where she says I was screaming like she's never heard me scream before. I don't recall dreaming about aliens, nor about 2012. Nothing like that. It was more so about the circumstances of yesterdays event and how I felt enormous pressure from the community to maintain my integrity. It was as if a hundred voices had questions all at the same time - people yelling in my ear saying that I was lying, or that they were frightened and wondering where they needed to go for their family's safety. It all became so much that I had to start yelling back. And that's when I woke up.

All this weekend, real voices from friends and family have raised concerns about the ominous metallic sounds I was able to capture near my neighborhood. The same kinds of mysterious noises that are currently being heard around the world. Of course my first thought was that of this being tied into the whole "strange sounds" phenomenon that has taken the web by storm since the beginning of the year. But after replaying the sounds over and over again, I can't help but think of other, perhaps man-made, possibilities. Let's break down a few ways this recording could have happened. But first, a little extra background:


Origin of the strange sounds video:

I was indeed the person who filmed the evidence. It was yesterday, Saturday, Feb 18th around 12:40pm in the Hellgate Elementary School playground. I was taking my daughter out for her daily exercise (the same girl you see in the distance in the video) along with my dog. I started to hear the sounds early on in our little adventure and the first time it was heard my dog perked her ears up and my daughter stopped in her tracks. That sound was identical to the one I had taped later, and lasted just as long. Now since I've been following this worldwide strange sounds phenomenon for some time, the whole "End of the world" thing popped instantly into my head. What if this was one of those sounds? I had my phone ready to capture the next one just in case. Sure enough, five minutes later the sound had returned. This second sound was captured but I never released this video only because I kept yelling for my daughter to come closer, and honestly I didn't want the public to be hearing her name for privacy reasons. Perhaps I'll bleep out her name and upload that one someday too.

The third time I heard the sound was when you saw me begin to record the video. One thing that cannot be heard is exactly how loud it was. It could be heard, yes. But was it extremely loud? Not really. Not loud enough for the whole city to hear it, which leads me to believe the sound came from close by and was extremely isolated. It also makes me think that perhaps this could be something man-made and mechanical very near by.

So let's explore our options..


Could it be the train tracks near by?

The Missoula rail system is one very loud and unpredictable beast. Trains connecting their loads to another is a sound very familiar to locals. Loud bangs and screeches can be heard from nearly 10 miles away at any given point throughout the day. Still, that doesn't explain the fan-like whirring sound (heard at about :11 seconds into the video) that started the sound effect off.


What about the Missoula airport?

This to me seems like the least likely of places that kind of sound would come from. I've lived in this neighborhood for nearly 4 years and have heard all kinds of planes coming and going overhead and on the runway. I've never heard a plane sound like this before.



What about industrial sounds?

My neighborhood is very quiet and we were about 3 blocks away from any busy intersection during the incident. Can't say I've ever heard an automobile of any kind with that kind of noise. But how about mechanical noises from around the Hellgate Elementary School? Air conditioning units in the cold? Power generators? This to me, seems like the most likely and realistic of all the explanations.


Whatever it was, the purpose of sharing this was not to scare this city into running for the hills. And please, don't ever think this was my lame attempt at a practical joke. Yes, I have been known to pull a fast one on this community from time to time. But this time was not a prank or PR stunt. It was simply something unexplained that I hope we could shed some light on with your help.

Is this God's second coming? Are the aliens aligning for their global attack? Is it Mother Nature preparing to kick us off this planet? Take from it what you will. Follow your instincts, and always, ALWAYS ask questions. It's the only way we can get the answers. Even if it means I have to suffer through a paranoid nightmare or two to get to the bottom of it all.

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