It's baseball season, the Summer Olympics start in just a few weeks, so if you're into sports there will be plenty to watch. If you're not so into sports, you'll begin to notice all of the stupid things sports fans do. Here's our list with help from

  • Taking your glove to a baseball game. Lame. You're just going to look like a tool and will probably end up on ESPN for stealing a foul ball from a crying little kid.
  • Wearing a sports jersey. Guys do this all the time and I've never understood this fashion fumble. If you're not a world-class athlete, you probably shouldn't sport the jersey.
  • Proposing on the Jumbotron – There is nothing classy about this and it's been overplayed. Think of something better if you're planning to tie the knot.
  • Having a tat of your favorite team. WHY?!?

What sporting pet peeves do you have? Why does this bother you so much?

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