I love this news and am beyond excited for Missoula and Livingston! Not just as a person in recovery myself, but also as a community member who sees people and families suffering and struggling with no real place to turn for affordable help for recovery from substance abuse. It was already a terrible situation with people on waiting lists for months and even years, then the pandemic hit and getting sober in Missoula has become an incredible challenge, to say the very least.

The Phoenix is coming to Missoula! The Phoenix is a nonprofit organization that fosters a supportive, sober active community for people recovering from substance use through physical health, so it's more of a gym class than an AA meeting. They offer FREE in-person programs and classes to provide support and connection for those in recovery, like a community of people who get what you're going through, but instead of meetings, you're strengthening your body and your mind all at once. And get this, all classes are completely FREE, the only cost of admission is 48 hours of continuous sobriety.

By leveraging the intrinsic power of physical activity and social connection, participants build confidence and find the support they need to live productive and fulfilling lives in recovery.


What's the catch?

No catch, just stay sober if you want to keep coming back and participating in classes.

Then how is it free?

The Phoenix is able to offer free classes thanks to AMB West Philanthropies and other philanthropic partners, including Stand Together Foundation. 

The Phoenix is a nationwide community that has found success in Billings and Columbus, and will now bring their support to Missoula and Livingston.

“We are excited to bring The Phoenix to the Livingston and Missoula areas and offer strength and connectivity to those in recovery,” said Dana Smith, National Engagement Director of The Phoenix. “The Phoenix is an inclusive community that empowers our members to rise above substance use by leveraging the transformative powers of social connection and physical activity. We are grateful for the support of AMB West Philanthropies and other supporters who are aiding The Phoenix’s goal to help our members heal and thrive in recovery.”

Want to help?

The Phoenix has hired a Montanan to manage the Livingston location, but they are hiring for the Program Manager in Missoula, apply here.

No word yet on where The Phoenix will be located or when it might open, but we will most certainly tell you the minute we know! Visit the official website here.

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