It's hard to believe that this picture was taken only two weeks ago. Currently I have a love/hate relationship with Missoula.

Obviously I love Missoula for so many reasons. I love its people. I love its scenery. I even love its weather, when that weather is hot with clear blue skies and long summer days. There seriously is no better place on earth to spend your summer than in Montana.

But it's those other eight pesky months out of the year that can be tricky. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the seasons change in Missoula. It's almost magical to watch the trees rain golden leaves during the fall and then see white fluffs float down from those very same tree branches during the winter. But I'm a California girl at heart and I straight up can't deal with that in-between period.

I'm talkin' about the months where there's no sun, no new snow and everything is just gray. Blehhhh!

But hey looking on the bright side I know what lies just before us! It's called summer baby! From the looks of things we might have a pretty wet spring, but that just means that summer is gonna be that much sweeter when it comes around...


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