I’m not sure if this is the coolest thing ever invented or the worst thing ever. There are some new PJ’s that read to kids. Yes, you read that correctly, pajamas that READ to your kids. The footed PJ’s have polka dot symbols on them. Those polka dots work as codes. You use an app on your phone to scan the dots, and there you go, a new story starts. The stories include all the traditional classics, like Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, and the Gingerbread Man, read by voice actors.  The words also appear on the screen, so the kid can read along.

The pajamas themselves don't have any wires in them or anything . . . They're just regular PJ’s. Get this, they are totally reasonable, just $30 online. Find them here.

My final question… Do they make these in adult sizes? ;)

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